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How to keep your skin hydrated in summers?

How to keep your skin hydrated in summers?

Summer is not everyone’s favourite season, after all it creates havoc when it comes to taking care of our skin. With the weather changing, our skin requirements change too. During the hotter months, it gets all the more difficult to keep the skin soft, protected and glowing because of the harsh rays of the sun. Then there’s pollution and dirt to add to the trouble. While we may not be able to follow every beauty ritual necessary to protect our skin, an essential point to remember is to keep it well hydrated.¬†Whether you spent your summer in the sun or at the office, our faces need a little extra love after the harsh summer heat and changing weather.

1. Moisturise Your body loses a lot of moisture during summers. So, it is essential to hydrate your body every now and then. So, it’s important to follow the ritual of cleansing, toning and moisturising at night before sleeping. You could use milk and honey, which are great natural moisturisers for the skin.

2. Don’t forget sunscreen Use a sunscreen whenever you step out. This is crucial as sunscreen helps in shielding your skin from harmful UV radiations that bring about the early onset of skin ageing.

3. Stay low on makeup Sure, we all love to apply makeup but during summers you need to keep it low. To protect the skin’s natural glow, the most important thing is to stay away from heavy makeup and we must surely take it off before sleeping to let the pores breathe.

4. Use soothing ingredients like tomato. A good way to keep your face fresh and cool during summers is to use tomatoes, which are a great source of antioxidants. Mix tomato and lemon juice and apply it all over your face (you could also make ice cubes of it). Leave it on for 10 minutes and then wash with cold water. It will cool your skin and keep it hydrated too.

5. Cleanse and exfoliate. Cleanse your face twice a day and scrub your skin two to three times a week to get rid of dirt and grime from deep within the pores.

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