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What would the beauty world feel like without beauty blogs?

What would the beauty world feel like without the beauty blogs?

In our free time, all of the girls, like nothing more than scrolling through our favourite Instagram blogger or our favourite beauty influencer. Imagine being in a world where you have nobody to guide you on how to maintain that flawless skin or how to mix two foundations to get the perfect shade or how to do the perfect nail art. Is that even a world anymore? We could be going out to a party with no makeup or we could be sitting at home with a lot of it. Our skin allows us to experiment with so much and with literally every shade out there. So, when I thought beauty and lifestyle is what I am going to talk about, I thought it is really important to tell all of you who are reading this right now that BEAUTY in no way, is synonymous with MAKEUP. But, I just want to use this platform to share what I like and what I don’t, review the products which I feel would be helpful to the people reading it and give a few tips here and there.


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